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moDel is the perfect mobile electronic automotive delivery solution to ensure precision vehicle delivery in the automotive industry.

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New Standards



In today’s world of business connectivity electronic data management enables companies to increase efficiency and performance.
No Paperwork

As a stand-alone or part of an integrated electronic management system moDel is designed to replace traditional paper-based systems, setting a new standard for efficient vehicle delivery for fleet suppliers and the wider automotive distributive industry.

Powerful Business Application

moDel is a powerful business application with an intuitive user interface for rapid and accurate data input. By recording the details and condition of a vehicle in electronic format, moDel ensures an ultra-reliable procedure for all-party agreement and quicker turnaround of payment.

Market Leading

Whether a company is looking to extend existing Leaselink capability for key delivery management or update older systems, moDel’s market leading capability ensures efficient collection and delivery for every vehicle movement, saving time and money for customers.

Integrate In Existing Systems

Regardless of whether you are an existing Leaselink customer or using an alternative system, moDel will interface smoothly with existing systems to ensure seamless management control while delivering enhanced business efficiency.

Android & Windows

Key Benefits.


moDel allows a company to get rid of the paperwork, speeding up the process for vehicle movements from the moment it is signed for.
  • Accurate and complete data collection
  • Dual party deliverer / recipient confirmation
  • Continuous data collection
  • Auto camera activation when logging defects
  • Geographically diverse business efficient
  • Rapid dissemination of delivery information
  • Increased business performance
  • Better delivery of contractual terms leading to a reduction of associated commercial risk

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Whether you are a leasing customer, dealership or a business connected with the automotive distributive trade, moDel is the perfect choice for the management of vehicular movements.

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Great improvement on the windows platform, nice and easy to use application, would fully recommend.

Michael Terry 10th September 2015